Poland’s Netia sees TV base grow

Polish telecom operator Netia’s TV base grew by 18% year-on-year to reach 152,000 by the end of June, meaning that 37% of the company’s broadband base use its TV service.

Netia said that it had prioritized growth of the TV base through selling TV services to new customers this year, either via its up-to-date next-generation access network or via its acquired Aster HFC net.

Netia had 771,000 broadband customers at the end of June, a decline of 7% year-on-year. The operator lost 9,100 broadband customers in the quarter to June. The company said it was focusing on services provided via its own network rather than those provided under regulated access on third-party networks.

Netia posted revenues of PLN769.1 million for the first half of the year, down about 10%. Second quarter revenues amounted to PLN380.3 million, down 2%. The decline overall was mostly attributed to lower subscriber numbers.

Adjusted EBITDA was PLN223.1 million for the first half, down 14%, while EBITDA for he quarter was PLN109.8 million, down 3%.

Netia is currently in the process of integrating TK Telekom, the enterprise-focused operator whose acquisition was completed on July 21 for about PLN222 million.

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