Energy efficiency in cable networks on ISBE agenda at ANGA COM

SCTE_ISBE_Header-Banner_875w-FINALEnergy efficiency in cable networks will be one of the main topics up for discussion at The International Society of Broadband Experts’ (ISBE’s) international breakfast at ANGA COM.

SBE, the global brand of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, said that energy efficiency in cable networks, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and modern home networks will all be on the agenda.

Speakers at the breakfast will include ISBE president and CEO Mark Dzuban, will discuss the ISBE/Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ Energy 2020 program.

This aims to create new standards, operations and workforce training to help cable reduce a projected four-fold increase in energy costs by the end of the decade by 25%.

Also speaking at the event will be Hartwig Tauber, director general of the FTTH Council Europe, who will talk about the operational and energy impact of migrating to fiber architectures.

Meanwhile, ISBE fellow, Daniel Howard, will discuss how ISBE, MoCA and CableLabs are working together to resolve potential frequency overlap issues between DOCSIS 3.1 and MoCA in modern home networks.

“The urgency to achieve greater energy efficiency and cost avoidance in our networks and the need to address the growth of home networks underscore how much the needs of cable have changed in just the past few years,” said Claus Adams, CEO of Adams Consult and president ISBE’s central Europe chapter.

The ISBE is a non-profit professional association that provides technical leadership for the telecomms industry. It serves its members through professional development, standards, certification and information.


The ISBE international breakfast will take place at 10:30 AM CET on June 10 at ANGA COM, at the Speakers’ Corner in Area 10.1 of the Kölnmesse exhibition centre. 

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