TiVo’s purchase of Aereo assets approved

Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO

Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO

TiVo’s purchase of certain assets from now defunct US cloud TV service Aereo has been approved by a US Bankruptcy Court judge in Manhattan

TiVo agreed last month to pay US$1 million (€952,000) for Aereo’s trademarks, domain names, and customer lists, as part of an asset sale that saw Alliance Technology Solutions buy Aereo equipment for US$320,000 and RPX Corp acquire Aereo’s patents for US$225,000.

Commenting on the approval and acquisition, TiVo president and CEO, Tom Rogers said: “TiVo has always innovated to meet the constantly changing ways TV audiences choose to access content. This strategic acquisition of Aereo’s trademarks and customer lists will enhance our ability to serve the growing segment of consumers who want access to both broadcast television and over the top content.

“TiVo has found success in providing a more comprehensive offering and sophisticated user experience than any other player in the marketplace and we look forward to expanding on that success,”

Aereo filed for  Chapter 11 bankruptcy last November after the US Supreme Court ruled by a majority of six to three earlier in the year that Aereo’s strategy of charging customers a monthly fee for retransmitted streams of US broadcast channels violated copyright and was illegal.

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