NRK taps Arkena for CDN services

Norwegian public broadcaster NRK has signed a contract with Arkena to provide CDN services for its streaming activities alongside two other vendors.

In 2014, NRK streamed 120 petabytes of data to its audience, and this year NRK expects volume to be over 200 petabytes.

“NRK is Norway’s largest and most experienced purchaser of CDN services and performed a thorough quality review before deciding on the suppliers. We are both thrilled and proud to have received the top score from NRK and look forward to delivering market leading streaming services to them,” said Richard Löfgreen, managing director at Arkena Norway.

“This is a great opportunity for Arkena. We will be constantly benchmarked for quality against the other two selected CDN vendors, and we know that NRK is going to compare us closely to optimize traffic flow.”

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