Qualcomm introduces 4K-capable HDMI dongle

Qualcomm SnapdragonMobile technology specialist Qualcomm has created a reference design for an Android-based HDMI dongle that can support 4K video and the emerging LTE Broadcast wireless delivery technology as well as WiFi, according to US reports.

US website SlashGear reported that Qualcomm has introduced a high-specification device based on its Snapdragon chipset with a full  Android OS that is capable of supporting a wide range of wireless connectivity options and can support 4K video.

According to SlashGear, the dongle is based on the Snapdragon 800 chip, but an upgrade to the more highly-powered 810 may be in the offing to deliver better 4K support. 

Qualcomm told the site that while the device supports the full version of Android, the onscreen interface will depend on what manufacturers choose to do, with some leaving most of the control functions to smartphones and tablets and others providing a full onscreen guide or PC experience.

As well as mirroring other devices and delivering internet content over WiFi, the device could use unlicensed LTE spectrum in the 5GHz band to deliver content to the TV.

Google’s Chromecast dongle, the most high-profile product in this category, currently supports 1080p HD video. However, Google has indicated that a new version of the device is in the offing this year, although it has not given details of what it will support.

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