IPTV revamp gives boost to Teo

TEOTeliaSonera-owned Lithuanian telco Teo saw its IPTV base rise by 24% last year to reach 131,000 – the fastest growth rate since the service was launched in 2006. The operator attributed the growth to a revamp of the service that simplified the user experience and introduced a number of new features. 

“During the fourth quarter of 2014 revenue and EBITDA grew for the first time after the two years break. This is a result of successful and significant changes. The focus on the customer, a record growth of number of IPTV users, smart IT solutions for businesses, managed churn of voice telephony services and increased efficiency of business processes led to the turn of TEO financials to a positive direction,” said Kęstutis Šliužas, general manager of Teo.

In neighbouring Latvia, meanwhile, telco Lattelecom meanwhile said that its total number of TV customers exceeded voice customers for the first time in 2014, while over half of its broadband customers now used its fibre network providing speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Lattelecom increased its profits for 2014 by 7% to €30.1 million, while EBITDA grew by 4% to €72 million on turnover of €191 million, flat year-on-year.

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