Altech partners with DivX on 4K set-top boxes

Kanaan Jemili

Kanaan Jemili

Set-top provider Altech Multimedia has struck a deal with DivX to integrate DivX Plus HD and DivX HEVC technology into its upcoming set-top boxes.

The set-tops will enable playback of 4K video. The first to undergo the DivX Plus HD Certification process will launch in early 2015, with the next to follow in mid-2015.

The first of these Altech set-tops will be based on Broadcom’s high definition IP set-top box SoC, BCM7241, while the second will be based on BCM 7252.

The devices will be made available to consumers globally. DivX said that the Altech deal will help strengthen its position in the Asia Pacific over-the-top market by ensuring a large footprint of devices capable of securely playing back high-quality, highly efficient DivX video streams.

“Altech Multimedia is helping to extend DivX’s value to more and more consumers around the world. Their investment in our technology shows pay TV operators, OTT providers and even traditional service providers that DivX can enable their premium entertainment services on virtually any screen,” said DivX president and CEO Kanaan Jemili.

Marco Caputo, Altech Multimedia’s vice-president of sales and marketing said: “We are thrilled to announce this partnership with DivX and to show our operator customers that we are prepared with best-in-class solutions—both AVC and HEVC—for premium over-the-top video services.”

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