Spacecom to provide capacity for African Cup of Nations

AMOS-uplink1Israel-based satellite operator Spacecom has been chosen to provide broadcast services on Amos-5 at 17°E for the Confederation of African Football’s (CAF) Orange Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), Africa’s bi-annual football championship competition. The competition is being hosted by Equatorial Guinea and takes place from January 17 to February 8.

Teleport and media services provider SatLink is providing capacity on Amos-5 in C-band for Lagardère Sports-owned Sportfive Africa, uplinking coverage from the games venue in HD. SatLink’s teleport will provide all ground services for the contribution of the tournament to Asia and Europe.

“Around the world, sport events are popular entertainment. The Orange AFCON competition is becoming more and more celebrated due to the increasing importance of African football on the world’s pitches,” remarked Eyal Copitt, Spacecom’s senior vice president of sales for Africa and Asia and marketing. “With significant worldwide interest for the tournament, we are happy to play an important and central role of providing the most effective solution for this international event.”

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