DNA extends DTT offering

DNAFinnish service provider DNA has committed to add new channels, including HD services, to its digital-terrestrial TV platform this year. 

DNA is adding 11 new channels to Digita network this month, including services from MTV, Viasat’s sport and movies channels and National Geographic Channel. DNA said its line-up of HD services on its own platform would number 12 by the end of the month.

DNA has committed to bring its two DTT networks – Digita and its own DVB-T2-based network – into line with each other. Currently about 85% of Finns can receive DTT signals from both networks.

New channels on the Digita network include Viasat Sport, Viasat Hockey, Viasat Golf, Viasat Sport Xtra, Viasat Film, Viasat History, MTV Fakta, MTV Sport 2, C More Hits and National Geographic Channel.

The 12 HD services on the DNA platform are Yle TV1 HD, Yle TV2 HD, MTV3 HD, MTV Max HD, MTV Sport 1 HD, MTV Sport 2 HD, C More First HD, Viasat Hockey Finland HD, Viasat Golf HD, Viasat Film Family HD, Nelonen Pro 1 HD and Nelonen Pro 2 HD.

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