Broadpeak adds “impulsive recording”

Jacques Le Mancq

Jacques Le Mancq

CDN and on-demand technology provider Broadpeak has added “impulsive recording” capabilities for its cloud-PVR solution.

Broadpeak said its impulsive recording technology can reduce storage costs by enabling video content for multiple end-users to be recorded and stored only once, either on managed or unmanaged networks.

“Time-based and impulsive recording can be very challenging for cloud-PVR operators, even when shared copy models are allowed. While the capture can be mutualised when two users request a recording of the same programme, a specific technology is required when the recording’s start and end times are under the control of each end-user in order to avoid duplicating the video chunks,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO of Broadpeak.

“Relying on an innovative combination of cloud-PVR recording methods, our solution allows numerous end-users to request the recording of any portion of a programme in an operator network and to access it at anytime. As a result, operators can reproduce traditional PVR usage without the cost and operational challenges of deploying set-top boxes with massive storage capabilities.”

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