BH Telecom turns to PlayBox for new cable channels

zgrada bh telecom_05Bosnian service provider BH Telecom has contracted playout technology specialist PlayBox Technology to provide its channel-in-a-box playout system to deliver two new channels for its cable network. 

PlayBox will supply its AirBox content playout and streaming system, which can support both SD and HD services and formats including MPEG-1, 2 and H.264 as well as HDV and DV streams from most production platforms capable of providing AVI, MPEG, MXF, QuickTime or WMV content, according to the company.

The contract was won by local system integrator BCH, based in Sarajevo.

“The PlayBox Technology system fits in very well with BH Telecom’s essentially tapeless operation of two new channels for its cable television network. It consists of two AirBox channel-in-a-box servers, one for each of two high-definition programme channels, plus Multi-Backup Manager which provides failsafe automatic switchover to a third AirBox if a primary server goes down. The AirBox servers feed a digital video broadcast multiplexer and UDP switch,” said BH Telecom technical director Admir Šabić.

“The new servers give BH Telecom the ability to work with a live input stream, adding graphics when needed. AirBox was chosen because it is inherently easy to use, and also easy to expand if additional channels are required in the future. Training was completed in just two days.”


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