ZapperBox teams up with Access to deliver cable-targeted HDMI dongle

The Zip-R from ZapperBox

The Zip-R from ZapperBox

TV technology providers ZapperBox and Access and connected home chipset specialist Entropic have teamed up to launch a new HDMI dongle device aimed at enabling cable operators to deliver IP video around the home.

ZapperBox’s dongle, the Zip-R, can run the full RDK stack with HTML5 and the DLNA’s CVP-2 guidelines, also known as VidiPath, the DLNA’s remote user interface guidelines that are designed to allow consumers to securely stream content from their service provider set-top box to other devices in the home.

The Zip-R is designed to enable cable providers to transition to in-home IP video distribution. The devices comes with a proprietary eight-pin connector that ZapperBox says can deliver a range of optional connectivity direct from the power adapter, including MoCA, Ethernet and Powerline.

The Zip-R is based on the EN7589 chipset from Entropic and incorporates Access’s NetFront Living Connect 3.1 technology. Access announced at CES this week that its Chromium Blink-based NetFront BE browser now supports DLNA VidiPath.

“The transition to open standards such as DLNA is shifting software development away from traditional set-top box makers, creating a new ecosystem driven by innovation. This solution, which combines Access’s DLNA and Browser expertise, Entropic’s EN7589 dual-core ARM-based System on Chip, and our industry-leading HDMI stick form factor, is a prime example of that ecosystem in practice,” said Mark Samuel, CEO of ZapperBox.

“Our partnerships with ZapperBox and Entropic demonstrate ACCESS’ ongoing commitment to innovative, cost-effective solutions for the cable industry. The integration of NetFront Living Connect 3.1 with the DLNA VidiPath on the innovative ZapperBox Zip-R stick, based on Entropic’s EN7589 SoC, showcases how operators can merge technology, security, and simplicity to meet consumer demand for universal content across all devices,” said Neale Foster, COO and VP global sales, TV, Access Europe.

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