Nos advanced TV taken by three in four multi-play subs

logoNOS_corPortuguese service provider Nos’s advanced TV service, Iris, is now taken by over three-quarters of its triple and quad-play subscribers.

Nos – formerly Zon Multimédia – reported that an additional 71,900 subscribers signed up for Iris during the third quarter, taking it to 76.6% of the operator’s triple and quad-play base, up from 48% a year earlier.

Overall, Nos numbered 633,000 Iris subscribers at the end of the quarter. The operator said its new YouTube player was attracting 125,000 unique users a daywhile Iris as a whole counted over 100 million interactions a day with over 60,000 streams being viewed at peak time.

Nos continued to lose pay TV customers during the quarter, but at a slower rate than previously. The operator lost 4,700 pay TV subs, leaving its total at 1.166 million. Losses in the fixed line business were partially offset by gains in the DTH business.

Nos added 149,600 revenue-generating units in the quarter, up from 80,300 in the second quarter. Nos reported 480,000 additions to its ‘core convergent’ base of multi-play customers, taking the total to 1.488 million multi-play RGUs. The improved performance followed the launch of a number of new offers, including an entry-level multi-play service in June, combining 126 TV channels with 30Mbps fixed internet, unlimited fixed voice and one mobile SIM card with unlimited voice and SMS for €49.99. A high end offering, Nos Cinco, was launched in July combining 5GB of mobile broadband with other services for €79.99.

The operator’s total RGU base at the end of September numbered 3.536 million, up 2.6% year-on-year.

Operating revenues amounted to €347.8 million for the quarter, down 3.8%, while EBITDA was €133.4 million, down 4.6%.