BT taps S3 Group for BT Vision and YouView monitoring

BT TV has tapped S3 Group to provide its StormTest quality assurance system. 

According to S3, BT has significantly scaled up its deployment of StormTest Development Center, and made S3 Group its preferred supplier for test automation and monitoring.

Specifically, BT is using the StormTest Development Center to test the BT Vision and YouView user interfaces, EPG navigation, new software build integration, the impact of billing changes, and to assess video performance in a live environment.

“StormTest Development Center allows us to validate the end-to-end customer experience, rigorously testing services prior to deployment, and ensuring they meet the highest quality standards when in production,” said Greg McCall, COO for television and content at BT. “Notably, it enables us to efficiently and reliably deliver rapid innovation, while improving the quality and stability of BT’s video services.”

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