Google reportedly working on ‘giant TV’ displays

Google LogoGoogle’s secretive innovation lab Google X is reportedly working on “giant TV” displays that are composed of smaller, interlocking, screens.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google is working on large-scale video displays that create a seamless image from smaller screens that “plug together like Legos.”

The early-stage project is reportedly being led by former Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, Mary Lou Jepsen, whose LinkedIn profile states she has been ‘head of display division, Google X’ since 2012.

Before joining Google, Jepsen founded, and was chief executive of, Pixel Qi, a Californian firm specialising in low-power computer display technology. She has also previously worked as chief technology officer of the One Laptop per Child non-profit organisation and as CTO of Intel’s display division.

Previous innovations to come out of the Google X lab are projects such as Google Glass, the internet giant’s internet connected eye-glasses, and its self-driving cars project.

Google has not commented on the report.

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