ER-Telecom to offer cloud-based games to TV subs

Russian service provider ER-Telecom, which operates under the brand, is to begin offering cloud-based games to TV subscribers later this year.

The operator said the games service would be integrated with TV set-tops, with about 100 popular games being offered including Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed and World Rally Championship game WRC 3.

Games will be offered via the cloud using a distributed server network and subscribers with internet speeds of 10.5Mbps or above will be able to access the service.

ER-Telecom has teamed up with games specialist Playkey to deliver the service. The service will be available on second generation set-tops and users will be able to use a branded gamepad or their own device.

The operator cited research by Newzoo that showed there were 46.4 million active gamers in Russia as of December last year.

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