Majority of US UltraViolet users now access content on TVs

Ultraviolet 1More than half of the 16 million users of UltraViolet in the US now view cloud content on a TV, according to stats by NPD. 

The research firm said that, as of February, 61% of US UltraViolet users had watched a movie from their cloud-based UV library on a TV, up from just 43% in August 2013.

This compares to 72% of UV users who view UV movies on computers and 60% who use tablets.

The biggest gains in UV TV viewing were made on internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players, with streaming media players and gaming consoles also showing growth, according to NPD.

“A UV user can stream or download their purchased movie and TV shows via the cloud onto their TV or connected device. Moreover, satisfaction with UV among users is near 90%, and 82% plan to continue using the service in the future,” said the research.

“Device interoperability has always been a key value proposition of UltraViolet. The proliferation of UV users accessing UV movies on their TV and across a broad array of connected devices demonstrates this utility,” said Justin Bailey, NPD director of industry analysis.

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