ONO’s TiVo subs close to half of TV base

Almost half of Spanish cable operator ONO’s TV base now take its TiVo advanced TV service.

According to ONO it had 382,000 TiVo customers at the end of March, representing 49% of its TV base.

ONO added 33,000 new customers in the quarter overall, taking its base to 1.901 million. The company added 283,000 revenue-generating units, taking the total number of services sold to 5.517 million.

ONO said its success was due to its bundling strategy. The additions included 230,000 new mobile customers, taking its mobile total to 1.315 million active lines.

In fixed broadband, ONO added 30,000 customers to take its total to 1.561 million, including 849,000 very high-speed customers.

Revenues grew by 2.8% to €410 million for the quarter, with retail revenues stable at €301 million.
ARPU grew from €53.20 to €54.20 year-on-year.

EBITDA was down 7% year-on-year, however, at €165 million, and ONO recorded a net loss of €24 million.

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