TDC reports TV and broadband subscriber growth

Danish telco TDC reported growth in TV and broadband subscriber bases in the first quarter of 2014.

Announcing its figures, the firm said that it had “satisfactory development in both EBITDA and cash flows,” but admitted that revenue “remains challenged.”

“In line with our strategic plan for 2013-15, we launched a number of new products and services in Q1, including attractive TDC TV packages, and we expanded our footprint within the strategically important area of digital content services as we entered the sports betting market through our ownership of Bet25,” said TDC president and CEO Carsten Dilling.

For its TDC and Fullrate brands, the firm added 12,000 TV customers compared to Q4 2013, TDC’s highest level of net additions for “several years.” Its YouSee cable operator division also added 6,000 customers compared to the previous quarter.

TDC and Fullrate TV increased revenue by 20% or DKK37m year-on-year, thanks to subscriber-base growth and a 5.3% rise in ARPU due to increased subscription fees at 1 January 2014.

Revenue in YouSee remained level, as a small ARPU increase was offset by a year-on-year subscriber decline of 4,000.
Overall, TDC reported revenue of DKK5.9 billion (€790 million), down 5.2% year-on-year.  Gross profit down was 2.5% to DKK4.34 billion. EBITDA dropped 0.3% to DKK2.49 billion.

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