Partners prep MENA second screen app Synclie

Digital Media Services, the digital media arm of Choueiri Group, and AJ Consulting subsidiary SynkOnAir have partnered to launch a second screen app called Synclie in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The app will use automatic content recognition technology to sync with TV shows and adverts, offering up the likes of cast details, video and music from shows, celebrity news, trivia, related web pages, and digital and physical products and merchandise.

The app, which will also tie-in with social networks Facebook and Twitter, will be available in English and Arabic and will be available for iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops.

“It doesn’t matter which channel a viewer is surfing, or which favorite show they are tuned in to – with Synclie’s Smart Sync Technology, TV viewers will get an enhanced, rich experience directly related to the content they are watching, as they’re watching it,” said DMS’s Managing Director, Michel Malkoun.

AJ and SynkOnAir’s CEO Moe Shanti and SynkOnAir’s COO Laurent Mairet added that the app will “not only to fundamentally enrich the viewer user experience but has the potential to change the industry landscape because brands now can push relevant, actionable content and campaigns and get their true ROI on the spot via AJ’s cloud platform that powers the app.”

Dubai-headquartered DMS is part of the Choueiri Group, a media representation firm that markets and manages advertising space in the Middle East. AJ Consulting is a Silicon Valley technology firm that specialises in cloud-based technologies.

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