Shazam unveils app redesign

Shazam redesignShazam has unveiled a major redesign of its app, aimed at making the service a “destination experience and content platform for artists, shows and brands.”

The redesign, which Shazam first started to introduce earlier this month, was launched at Mobile World Congress and be available in the coming weeks to iOS and Android users.

Included in the new-look Shazam will be access to information about “any show broadcast on over 160 TV channels in the US” – including details on music, cast and crew.

Other song-related features include quick lyric-viewing options, direct access to a given song’s music video and related videos, unique recommendations, and better biographies and discographies.

“The redesign we’re unveiling today is part of a fundamental evolution in our consumer experience,” said Shazam CEO Rich Riley.

“People will always be able to use Shazam in the way they know and love – to identify almost any song amazingly fast and purchase or share that song. Shazam’s new content-rich design, coupled with the recently launched News Feed and the effortlessness of Auto Shazam, give users powerful reasons to spend a lot more time with Shazam and to use it every day.”

Shazam introduced its Auto Shazam function in December, which works in the background and automatically identifies media.

So far, Shazam said that “nearly 40% of Auto Shazam matches have been for TV.”

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