DNA combines all TV units under Welho brand

Finnish telecom operator DNA is combining all its TV and fixed-network broadband services in a single company, DNA Welho.

The move means that DNA will merge digital-terrestrial pay TV unit Plus TV, which it acquired in September last year, into the new unit. Plus TV operator DigiTV Plus will be renamed as DNA Welho.

DNA said it would migrate Plus TV to the DNA Welho brand in March, giving a single brand for all TV and fixed-network offerings. The product and service selection of Plus TV will be expanded, according to the company.

DNA’s cable network reaches 600,000 homes in Helsinki, Oulu, Lahti, Kuopio, Turku, Pori, Rauma and Lohja, while its own terrestrial VHF network covers about 85% of the country’s homes. The Merger of DNA’s and Plus TV’s terrestrial offerings mean that households are able to view VHF and UHF network using their existing TV caerd, while Plus TV subscribers can now access all Antenna Ready HD approved HD services on the network.

“Now is the time to update the receivers and antennas of terrestrial-network households, since all of this year’s major events – such as the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Formula 1 season, Ice Hockey World Championships and FIFA World Cup – will be broadcast in high definition. Both pay TV channels and the new, free HD channels of Yle will feature high-definition offering,” said Pekka Väisänen, VP for consumer business.

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