DNA to air new Yle HD services on cable

Finnish service provider DNA is to air HD versions of all four of the country’s public channels on its cable network.

Earlier this month DNA said it would introduce Yle TV1 HD and Yle TV2 HD on its cable and terrestrial networks. The company will now add Yle Teema HD and Yle Fem HD to its cable network, which reaches about 600,000 homes in Helsinki, Oulu, Lahti, Kuopio, Turku, Pori, Rauma and Lohja.

Yle will close its existing HD compilation channel, Yle HD, when the new individual HD services begin broadcasting.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer all four of Yle’s HD channels through our cable network as soon as they start broadcasting. Home televisions are being rapidly updated to high definition devices, but a big HD screen will only come into its own when watching true high definition content, such as films, sports or music entertainment. Finnish people now have a unique opportunity to witness, for example, our own legendary ice hockey heroes, Teemu included, in the Olympic Games, in true high definition,” says DNA’s director of television business Mikko Saarentaus.

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