TiVo lays off hardware designers

TiVo has reportedly laid off “most of the hardware team” responsible for core DVR boxes, as it looks to up its focus on software products. 

According to a Wired report, which cites sources inside the firm, TiVo has let go five members of its hardware team, leaving a “skeleton crew” of two engineers to handle support for current and upcoming third-party devices.

In a statement, TiVo said “there is no doubt that we expect growth in the cloud-based delivery aspects of TiVo’s business,” but added “we continue to balance appropriate levels of staffing and expertise necessary to support our existing hardware business.”

Earlier this month, TiVo demoed its Network DVR (NDVR) prototype at CES in Las Vegas, as it looks to replicate its TiVo Roamio DVR experience in the cloud. TiVo said that NDVR was a “natural extension of the TiVo solution” and will let viewers find, consume and socially share cloud-delivered content through the TiVo user interface.

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