Blinkbox co-founder takes on expanded role

Blinkbox co-founder Adrian Letts has been appointed managing director of the Tesco-owned business’ movie and TV store, focussed on driving this side of the service. 

Letts, who set up Blinkbox in 2006 before selling to Tesco in 2006, takes the new role alongside his existing position as COO of the broader Blinkbox Group business – where he is responsible for the finance, commercial and business development functions of Tesco’s entertainment arm.

Blinkbox co-founder Michael Comish continues to serve as Tesco’s Group Digital Officer and Blinkbox CEO. However, Tesco said he will “focus more time on group initiatives including developing the user experience of Tesco’s online services.”

Blinkbox was set up as a VOD store for movies and TV shows, but Tesco has since started to use Blinkbox as a catch-all digital entertainment brand, launching a Blinkbox music service in beta, with a Blinkbox e-book service due to go live soon.

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