Adrian Letts

Blinkbox launches on Xbox One, Chromecast app in the works

Tesco-owned movie and TV rental service Blinkbox has launched a dedicated app for the Xbox One games console and is working on an app for Google’s Chromecast streaming stick. The web service, which lets users watch or buy content on a pay-per-title basis, already has apps available for the Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Apple […]

Blinkbox co-founder takes on expanded role

Blinkbox co-founder Adrian Letts has been appointed managing director of the Tesco-owned business’ movie and TV store, focussed on driving this side of the service.  Letts, who set up Blinkbox in 2006 before selling to Tesco in 2006, takes the new role alongside his existing position as COO of the broader Blinkbox Group business – […]