Swisscom hits 1 million TV customers

Swiss telco Swisscom claims its number of TV customers has passed the one million mark, after it signed up a record 200,000 news customers in the last 12 months. 

“Thanks to Swisscom TV, competition in the Swiss TV market is working better than ever. While practical functions such as the Replay function have changed the way people use television, customers are benefiting from an increasingly attractive range of offerings,“ said Marc Werner, head of residential customers at Swisscom.

Swisscom said that it plans to expand its range of entertainment offerings this year. The firm currently offers 200 standard definition channels and 70 in HD.  Its Teleclub on Demand service also gives viewers access to 6,100 films in German, French and Italian, while its sports output includes coverage of football, ice hockey, golf and Formula 1.

In the last two years Swisscom said that its mobile offering has also grown fivefold, following the introduction of its 2010-launched online Swisscom TV app and its October 2013-released ‘triple screen’ offering.

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