UPC Cablecom launches 500Mbps internet in Bern

UPC Cablecom is launching a 500Mbps internet service in the Bern area.

Fiber Power 500 will be available to 150,000 homes in the operator’s footprint in the Bern region.

The service will available for CHF199 (€163) a month from December 16 to resident’s of 26 Bern municipalities including the city of Bern, Köniz, Ostermundigen, Worb, Zollikofen and Wohlen.

UPC Cablecom said that over half of new customers are now choosing internet speeds of 75Mbps or greater and that the company is now offering 150Mbps nationwide.

“By offering 500Mbps we are now providing our customers with the maximum data volume in their homes which can be used over web servers and with the terminals currently available on the market. Thanks to the expansion of our fibre-optic network in the various districts, all of our customers can benefit from this speed at the same time and without loss of capacity,” said Alexander Lorenz, senior vice-president, technology at UPC Cablecom.