Belgacom and SFR launch subscriber cloud services

Belgian telco Belgacom and French service provider SFR are separately launching cloud services that enable users to upload and view content from multiple devices, including, in Belgacom’s case, the TV. 

Belgacom is launching Belgacom Cloud, enabling users to access photos, videos, music, calendars, contacts and more on the movie and via the TV.

The Belgacom Cloud application is available for smartphones or tablets running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Users of existing services such as Dropbox will be able to integrate them in the new service.

The service will, however, also be available via Belgacom’s TV service. Subscribers will be able to access their cloud content from their own TV and also from those of family members or friends who subscriber to Belgacom TV.

The service will be fully launched in 2014, but is made available on a trial basis to 10,000 users from mid-December. Test customers will receive 2GB of cloud storage capacity free or 5GB if they have a proximus subscription.

The service will be offered to Belgacom’s Pack customers with fixed internet, while subscribers that incorporate their mobile subscription in their Pack will receive extra volume free of charge.

SFR has meanwhile launched SFR Cloud, offering up to 100GB of space.

SFR Cloud will enable subscribers to upload documents and make them available to devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Users can view photos and photos and videos direct from their mobile device to the cloud.

SFR is providing a dedicated cloud app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices and for PCs and Macs.

The price of the service is included in the operator’s 4G packages. A version of the service offering 10GB is available for other subscribers. The 100GB version is available to these subscribers for €5.

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