Broadpeak and SoftAtHome team up for OTT

Access network CDN specialist Broadpeak and digital home operating platform provider SoftAtHome have tamed up to provide technology for OTT delivery. 

Broadpeak has used the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam to unveil an addition to its nanoCDN framework, which will be combined with SoftAtHome’s latest SOP6 software. The pair say that the integration will reduce peak loading on the broadband access network for both live and VoD OTT consumption, by transforming gateways or set-top boxes into active components of the content delivery network.

“OTT traffic is growing on Broadband operators’ networks, and has a direct impact on their infrastructures. Bringing a solution, to improve quality of service for end user while optimising costs, is a clear advantage. Network Operators can benefit from this latest version of Broadpeak nanoCDN technology to cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live and VoD OTT,” said Michel Degland, CEO of SoftAtHome.

“We are excited to extend our collaboration with SoftAtHome. By combining our nanoCDN technology with their popular software solution, we are able to leverage gateways and boxes to evolve them into the perfect and ultimate edge servers. By leveraging home gateways with SoftAtHome‘s SOP6, nanoCDN helps operators to dramatically reduce infrastructure investments and enable them to more efficiently deliver high-quality OTT and managed video services to end users,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO and President of Broadpeak.

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