Rostelecom places large orders for IPTV set-tops

Russian telco Rostelecom is to place orders for 656,000 IPTV set-top boxes.

Three companies, SmartLabs, Promzakaz and UZ Promsvyaz, have secured contracts to supply boxes to the service provider.

SmartLabs will supply 47,000 Interactive TV Standard Plus boxes with advanced DVR functionality and 304,500 standard boxes. Promzakaz has been contracted to supply 182,700 standard boxes, while UZ Promsvyaz has received an order for 121,800 standard boxes.

Rostelecom said its competitive tender process had resulted in a fall in the price of contracts for the supply of the boxes from the original maximum of RUB1.549 billion (€35 million) to RUB1.183 billion.

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