Tesco’s Blinkbox challenges rivals with huge marketing push

Blinkbox DisneyBlinkbox is taking on Netflix and Lovefilm Instant with its biggest ever marketing campaign.

The UK streaming and electronic sell through service is owned by Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer. The autumn marketing push, launched today, highlights the Blinkbox content line-up against that of SVoD services Lovefilm Instant and Netflix.

Blinkbox says it has ten times more of the latest blockbuster movies than its rivals and will emphasise that with a campaign built around a ‘coming sooner’ message.

The marketing push will see Blinkbox widely promoted throughout Tesco supermarkets as well as other channels including outdoor and radio.

In conjunction with the marketing push, Tesco will start selling £5 (€6), £10 and £20 cards that consumers can use to buy content on Blinkbox. For a promotional period the cards will be half price in store.

Blinkbox COO Adrian Letts said: “We have ten times more of the latest blockbuster movies than Netflix and Lovefilm Instant and want to help customers understand the benefits of blinkbox by adding some colour and theatre in stores. It’s an unprecedented level of in-store commitment to a digital service.”

Blinkbox has TV series including Game of Thrones, True Blood and Arrow. In July it offered a selection of its US shows on a limited free sample basis.

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