EC preparing ground for new telecom regulation guidance

The European Commission wants to issue new guidance to national regulators in an attempt to iron out differences in telecom regulation that it says is making European fall behind in the race to roll out high-speed broadband networks.

According to the Commission, the current “regulatory mess” is “hurting broadband investment” and making companies reluctant to invest.

“Today’s guidance to regulators just doesn’t give businesses – old or new – the certainty they need to make investments. It’s time to change,” said EC vice-president Neelie Kroes. “The sector needs more certainty to help it invest and grow. I want citizens to start enjoying the benefits of faster, next generation broadband networks.”

The EC current makes use of ‘Article 7’ powers under the EU’s existing Electronic Communications Framework Directive to try to ensure consistency of regulatory obligations imposed on dominant operators.
The EC wants to issue new guidance to clarify rules on access to copper networks and the fees operators harge third parties for access to next generation networks.

Kroes is expected to unveil proposals for the Telecoms Single Market on September 11.

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