TiVo launches Roamio DVRs

DVR maker TiVo has launched a new generation of set-top boxes marking its first major product release in three years. 

The Roamio line of DVRs will be priced at US$200, US$400 and US$600 respectively for the standard Roamio box, the Roamio Plus and Roamio Pro models, plus a US$15 monthly service fee according to US reports.

The first of these features four tuners and can record roughly 75 hours of HD recordings. The Plus and Pro models each have six tuners and can record roughly 150 hours and 450 hours of HD content.

Each have improvements including new interface and better discovery, while the two more expensive models let users stream content to iPhone and iPad via the TiVo stream app when they are outside the home.

The news comes as TiVo also signed a deal with Grouper – a service that bills itself as an online social club that will now also start to integrate TV and movie themes from late August.

“TiVo and Grouper expect to announce additional brand integrations in the coming months, leveraging TiVo’s innovative entertainment experience into Grouper’s renowned social events,” said TiVo.

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