TV consumer electronics market set for strong recovery

StrategyAnalyticsThe TV consumer electronics market looks set to surge according to the latest report by Strategy Analytics, with more consumers in the US and Europe stating an intentio of buying HDTVs, Blu-ray players and connected TVs over the next year.

According to Strategy Analytics’ ConsumerMetrix survey, 23% of respondents expect to buy an HDTV over the next year, up from 18% in the fourth quarter of 2012. Thirteen per cent of people intend to buy a Blu-ray disk player, up from 10%. The number of people intending to buy Apple TV and other connected TV products has also grown, though overall numbers remain low at 6%.

Recovery is expected first in the US market, where HDTV purchase intentions have risen by 7.6 percentage points over the figure for late 2012. In Europe, purchase intentions have risen by 4.5%, with Germany emerging as the strongest European market and Italy as the weakest.

Strategy Analytics surveyed 2,062 individuals aged 15-74 in the US and 4,118 in Europe in June.