Trace Sports launches in Israel

Trace Sports has launched in Israel on the HOT cable network. The channel, which is to be produced by Imagine Media Israel, will be available as a fully localised channel with Hebrew subtitles, and will feature local sports celebrities. 

Trace Sports will be available on HOT’s basic package, which reaches 900,000 subscribers or 60% of the country’s multichannel TV market.

Laurent Dumeau, CEO of Trace Sports, said that the partnership with Imagine Media was part of “a natural evolution for Trace Sports, as we partner with local agents”. He said Trace would look to replciate this model in other markets in the coming months.

Ron Hermelin, head of channels at HOT, said “Trace Sports expects to address a wide audience among sports fans who are interested in the private lives of the world’s biggest sports stars. HOT will continue to bring new and unique channels from around the world, providing the best experience to our viewers in a variety of areas.”

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