UK Government proposes Ofcom cost-cutting efforts

The UK Government has launched a consultation, proposing seven changes to the duties of communications regulator Ofcom, in a bid to “save money and increase efficiency.”

The proposed changes include removing Ofcom’s obligation to review the public service broadcasting landscape every five years, instead allowing the Culture Secretary to request a review when deemed necessary.

Public broadcasters will no longer have to produce annual statements outlining their programming policy under the changes in what the Government said would help remove “unnecessary burdens on business.”

Under the proposals, the regulator will also not have a duty to promote training and equality. “This work is done by other bodies and no other sectoral regulator is required to do this,” the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said in a statement.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey added: “We must ensure that every penny of taxpayers’ money is spent properly. Ofcom and broadcasters are currently legally obliged to spend money and time doing work that isn’t necessarily required.”

The consultation will close on Tuesday 25 June, following which a draft order, taking comments into account, will be presented to Parliament.

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