nc+ apologises to customers and unveils incentives to stay

nc+ has been targeted for criticism by the 'Anty nc+' online forum

nc+ has been targeted for criticism by the ‘Anty nc+’ online forum

Polish pay TV platform nc+, much criticised since its launch as the successor platform to ‘n’ and Cyfra Plus, has taken the extraordinary step of addressing a letter of apology to its customers and has announced a series of radical changes to assuage subscribers’ concerns.

The platform says it has now ceased the practice of automatically migrating subscribers to a default package of nc+ channels. From now on each customer will have until the end of their current contract to take a decision on the packages that suit their individual needs, and the terms of their current contract will remain unchanged in the interim.

Subscribers that previously had access to the Canal Plus and n Premium HD services will now have access to all six premium Canal Plus channels – Canal+ HD, Canal+ Sport hD, Canal+ Family HD, Canal+ Family HD 2, Canal+ Film HD and Canal+ Film HD 2 – under the terms of their current agreement, while subscribers that previously had access to MiniMini+ HD, Ale Kino+ HD, Kuchnia+ HD, Domo+ HD, Planete+ HD and TeleToon/Hyper+ HD will also continue to have access to these channels at least until June 30 under the terms of their current contract.

In addition, Cyfra Plus customers will have access to nSport HD broadcasts of UEFA Champions League, T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and ENEA Ekstraligi football matches under the terms of their current contract.

nc+ is also offering access to premium services HBO, Cinemax, Filmbox, nc+ Go, video-on-demand and multiroom services to all subscribers for an additional fee, while premium subscrxibers will be able to sign up for a new Ekstraklasa package including all Ekstraklasa football matches and 20 basic channels for the price of their current subscription when it is time to renew.

All customers that left the platform in March or April will be give the chance to sign up again to benefit from the new options.

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