HD Plus taps Nagra for Replay service

SES-backed German satellite offering HD Plus is using content security technology from Nagra for its new over-the-top catch-up service, HD Plus Replay.

HD Plus Replay is using Nagra’s MediaAccess PRM system to protect the delivery of premium content to consumers equipped with an HD Plus SmartTV set-top box. The service is based on the HbbTV standard. The service is currently being offered via Inverto Volksbox Web Edition Plus set-tops and further suppliers are expected to be announced soon. Content is currently available from RTL Now, Vox Now and Super RTL Now.

”The launch of HD Plus Replay is an important step in providing new and innovative services to our viewers and ensuring robust security for our content is key to making it a successful, high-quality offer,” said Georges Agnes, managing director of operations and product development at HD Plus. “With Nagra solutions, we know we are getting the right technology to ensure the growth and success of this exciting service and in turn provide an enjoyable experience for our viewers.”

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