iStreamPlanet adds RTMP acquisition

Streaming technology specialist iStreamPlanet has added RTMP-based global acquisition, ingest, and publishing capabilities to its portfolio of live streaming video services.

According to iStreamPlanet, the new capabilities are designed to enable broadcasters of all sizes to target IP-connected devices, including the ability to acquire a live video source via single-bit-rate RTMP and output multiple-bit-rate RTMP streams, along with the ability to package RTMP streams in Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for targeting iOS devices.

Content providers can push an RTMP stream to an iStreamPlanet-certified CDN and iStreamPlanet then pulls the stream from the CDN for media processing, which includes output to HLS or RTMP streams with multiple bit rates, and publishing to a certified CDN for playback on multiple screens. A certified CDN can also serve RTMP streams such as Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streams targeting Flash playback.

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