Euronews to launch local channel in Hungary

International news channel Euronews is launching a localised channel in Hungary.

The channel will air for 24 hours each day when it launches in April 2013. It will be the second Euronews service to be produced entirely in the home country of the language in which it broadcasts, after Euronews Greek, which will launch next week. A wholly-owned subsidiary based in the centre of Budapest will be set up to administer the Euronews Hungarian newsroom, which will include 22 journalists.

Euronews is currently available in Hungary in English and German.

Speaking to press, Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews, said, “I am very proud to be here in Budapest to announce a crucial new step in the history of Euronews: the opening of a groundbreaking new bureau in the coming months, Euronews in Hungarian, fully produced by a local newsroom in the heart of the country. We are now ready to put in place our Hungarian team to create this new edition, which will be on air in April next year. Our objective is to offer to the Hungarian audience in Hungary and worldwide an unrivalled window on international affairs from a European perspective.”

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