PCCW loses trademark dispute with Sky over Now TV brand

A UK high court judge has ruled in favour of pay TV operator BSkyB in a dispute over its use of the name Now TV as the brand of its recently launched online TV service.

The judge ruled on Friday that BSkyB’s use of the Now TV name did not infringe on the trademark of the service of the same name operated by PCCW in Hong Kong. PCCW filed a complaint against Sky’s use of the name ahead of the launch of its OTT offering, and argued that customers would confuse the two services.

The judge ruled that PCCW’s registered copyright for the name was invalid and that, in any case, there was no evidence that consumers had been led to think that Sky’s Now TV came from the same source or was connected with PCCW’s service.

Tags: BSkyB, Hong Kong, PCCW, UK

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