Opitmus Clix brings Dailymotion to the TV

Portuguese IPTV operator Opitmus Clix has launched a service that lets users watch Dailymotion videos on their TV.

The free Dailymotion app is available to all Opitmus Clix customers. It features recommendations by Dailymotion and 20 pre-defined categories including music, humour, sports and TV.

The addition of Dailymotion is latest app to be added to Opitmus Clix’s platform. Earlier this year the operator launched a Winking Books app that allows customers to exchange books with other members of the Winking Books community free of charge. Users sign up via the Winking Books website or via the Optimus Clix TV menu and add books to their account to earn points. They than then redeem those points against books they would like to receive.