Telenet deploys Latens Titanium CAS

Belgian cable operator Telenet is rolling out Latens’ software-based security solution, Titanium, across its customer base.

To-date, the operator has deployed over 400,000 set-top boxes featuring Titanium. Telenet is adopting the software-based CAS alongside the other CAS deployed on its network.  According to Latens, the software enables one system to run across multiple networks, which means Telenet’s CAS platform can grow and adapt in line with its services.

Protecting our assets is extremely important to us,” said Noam Raffaelli, vice-president network and systems engineering of Telenet.  “Given the size and diversity of our subscriber base, we needed a content security solution that we could install quickly and cost-effectively, but that would grow and adapt with our requirements.  Latens understands our security goals and has also demonstrated that its software-based approach is inherently suited to a business like ours that must move swiftly to bring new services to market and stay one step ahead.”

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