Access launches NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile in UK

TV software company Access has announced the UK launch of NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile.

The new web kit-based HTML5 browser offers support for DTV and IPTV standards including BBC iPlayer, D-Book 7 and HbbTV. As well as providing operators with an HTML5 web-browser, the browser is also a user interface and graphics engine, designed to enable functionality including the display and running on TVs, set-top boxes and CE devices of animated and 3D EPGs and VOD portals, and running multiplayer HTML5 games. Access will highlight the NX 2.0 DTV Profile at IP&TV World Forum 2012 in London from March 20-22.

“We have developed NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile using the WebKit Core and then used our extensive expertise in delivering embedded software solutions to provide the video industry with the best possible browser for connected TV, media sharing and OTT applications,” said Neale Foster, vice-president of global sales, Access. “It’s clear that the desktop browser industry is 100% behind HTML5 and we think it’s crucial that the broadcast and video industries follow suit. Our approach of extending WebKit engine with specific industry requirements such as HbbTV, BBC iPlayer, DLNA and D-Book 7 provides TV and set-top box manufacturers, middleware providers, chipset vendors and application developers with the best browser for rendering web contents and displaying on-screen UI and graphics. We will continue to develop new functionality to make sure that the technology lead that NetFront Browser NX 2.0 DTV Profile has continues to increase.”

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