TopFun using Visual Unity for TV service

Czech OTT online TV provider TopFun is using technology from Prague-based Visual Unity to support its TopFun TV service, launched in January.

TopFun TV delivers broadcast channels over the internet to smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and connected TVs. The service includes an application for Samsung Smart TVs that lets viewers access live feeds and download movies direct to their TV.

Visual Unity is providing support through its vuMedia integrated content management and delivery platform. Visual Unity initially provided TopFun with a vuMedia-based solution for its movies on-demand service. This incorporated a protected VOD solution alongside content delivery to the Czech Republic and Slovakia through vuNet, Visual Unity’s distribution infrastructure that ingests, manages and distributes assets.

Radek Přikryl, sales director of TopFun, said: “We enlisted Visual Unity’s help with this project on the basis of our excellent relationship with the company and our good experiences with its vuMedia platform, which has allowed us to get as close as possible to our end customers. We are also very happy with Visual Unity’s vuNet module, which has enabled us to stream digital content in the Czech and Slovak Republics and to distribute both VoD and linear broadcast streams. Visual Unity has given us all the technical support we have needed and this on-going assistance is greatly valued by TopFun.”

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