Viewers turning to tablets for long-form video

Viewers are increasingly turning to tablets, mobile devices and especially connected TVs and game consoles to watch medium and long-form video content, with laptops and PCs being used to watch short-form content, according to a study by online video specialist Ooyala.

Videos of 10 minutes or longer represented 30% of the hours watched on mobile devices in the last quarter, 42% on tablets and 75% on connected TVs and game consoles, while videos of less than three minutes in length accounted for over half of hours of viewing on desktops.

Tablet users were more likely to complete viewing of content than other device users. For each desktop viewer who completed a video, over two tablet viewers did so.

Among non-desktop and laptop devices, mobile devices accounted for 48.3% of views, with tablets accounting for 45.3% and connected TVs and games consoles accounting for the remainder. iPads accounted for 97.7% of total video plays on tablets.