Bridge updates microVB for OTT support

Bridge Technologies has updated its microVB miniaturised digital media probe for subscriber premises.

The microVB 2.0 can report second-by-second data on all traffic passing through set-top boxes and can now also analyse OTT service quality. Operators can use the device to monitor various factor influencing QoS and the viewer experience, including interactions between triple-play services, contention for bandwidth with internet streaming media and OTT service degradation.

“The build and roll-out of OTT services presents an enormous opportunity to digital media operators, whether they come from a broadcast or telco background, but services will prosper or fail depending on the quality of the user experience,” said Bridge Technologies chairman Simen Frostad. “Everyone understands this, but ensuring a high quality of service is not so easy. That’s why the addition of OTT monitoring and analysis capabilities to the microVB is so important: it gives operators the tools to build, test, and operate a full range of services including OTT, and the confidence that they are fully in touch, second by second, with what the viewer is experiencing.”

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