Visiware launches PlayAlong

France-based interactive TV games provider Visiware has launched PlayAlong, a new platform designed to allow TV viewers to play TV games simultaneously using their computer, smartphone or digital tablet.

PlayAlong provides a multi-player platform including management tools and applications, allowing multimedia producers to initiate live or pre-recorded interactivity, modify quiz questions in real time and send messages directly to their viewers.

According to Visiware, a variety of players can participate at the same time using various platforms. The service is currently available in a number of territories, and has been adopted by Endemol, Antena3, SBS6, TV2, ZDF and TF1. The company said it was also preparing the launch of new formats for other countries.

“PlayAlong allows the creation of a new generation of television. Thanks to Amazon’s Cloud Computing solution, our technology is robust, reliable and supports hundreds of thousands of players at the same time,” said Laurant Weill, president of Visiware. “It is exciting to interact at last, to see live feedback from other viewers, to share on-line. Apart from games, we are expanding the PlayAlong concept for sports programmes, interactive advertising and live political debates.”

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