MoCA certification passes 100 products

The Multimedia-over-Coax Alliance (MoCA), which provides specifications for home networking over in-home coax, has announced that over 100 MoCa products have been certified. More than 45% of all certifications have occurred since the start of 2010.

The majority, about 85%, of the MoCA-certified products, which are all video-specific, are used by pay TV operators. The remaining 15 percent are available in retail and installer channels. Product categories include: routers, set-top boxes, Ethernet-to-coax bridges, optical network terminals and cable modems.

“As an alliance that focuses on certifying video-specific products, reaching the century mark is a great achievement. What’s particularly interesting about this milestone is the sheer rate of growth in product certifications in the last 18 months. We expect this certification rate to continue as we expand into new geographic markets and into the home installer/retail segments,” said Charles Cerino, MoCA president.

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